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Anti-Aging & De-Aging

Ileana Irvine addresses skin aging at its core. Repetitive facial motions and expressions create minute spasms which debilitate the tissues creating the skin groove we recognize as wrinkles and flaccid skin. The sun, harsh climates, improper diet, contamination and lack of hydration debilitate the tissues further making skin dull and lifeless. Microcirculation is weakened and frequently redness or capillaries become visible. Pigmentation becomes uneven due to sun damage or inflammation.

Ileana Irvine has researched and developed exclusive protocols with combination therapies and addresses all these points to create visible results. Our results are quick, with no down time for recovery of any invasive procedure and are offered as a relaxing, spa-like treatment , with aromatherapy and relaxing massages. Ileana Irvine offers a truly unique and pleasant experience for those who want to maximize their skin’s potential, naturally.

Face Sculpting

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