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We have developed our proprietary treatment protocols after years of research into the functioning of the skin. The results of each process has been carefully studied and married into protocols to achieve specific objectives and consistent results.

At Ileana Irvine each treatment protocol will be determined after a thorough evaluation where specific needs will be addressed. We combine the traditional processes like Deep Pore Cleansing or Microdermabrasions, Hydrating treatments and massage with advanced technology to truly change the appearance of the skin.


The unique, pleasant, soft light of the Dermalight Laser energizes cellular mitochondria and raise ATP to enhance the biological processes of skin rejuvenation. Toxins are released as a deep lymphatic drainage is achieved in seconds. Inflammation, one of skin’s worst enemies is instantly reduced so the rejuvenation process is jump started. The effectiveness of any serum or cream applied after the application of the laser is enhanced.

Face Sculpting

Is the cornerstone of our unique anti-aging treatments and is included in most rejuvenating protocols.

Soft vibrational frequencies are used to dissolve micro spasms, the main cause of the visible  signs of aging. Once micro spasms are treated the muscles are relaxed so the skin becomes smooth, rejuvenated and firm.Toxins are released and cells are energized and stimulated thus  repair and regeneration  processes  are enhanced. The energetic sound vibrations are enhanced by twelve quartz stones, chosen for treatment by facial shape or by healing color, and can be used singly or in frequency combinations to achieve a harmonious balance for cell repair.

Exfoliations, Peelings & Microdermabrasions

Exfoliations and Microdermabrasions together with deep cleansing of the skin are the necessary preparations so that skin can receive the intense rejuvenation offered by the Ileana Irvine System protocols. The combination of chemical exfoliations and peels and the mechanical approach with Microdermabrasion not only cleanses the skin deeply eliminating the layers of dried, keratinized skin cells but it also stimulates cell division. Skin cells do not know how “old” they are. They respond to stimulus. This specific stimulus created the environment so cells act “younger” and skin becomes firmer.


The warming feeling of the ultrasound penetrates deeply into the facial muscles aiding the relaxation and maximizing the effect of the Face Sculpting and Dermalight Treatments.

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