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Treatment sequence and frequency can determine success in achieving a client's goals. At Irvine Esthetique we can create a program to meet those goals. We verify the procedure to be done at every visit to ensure that the process is moving in the right direction.  We will make changes if need be. We will review how you are doing the process at home and any difficulties or challenges that you may be having and make the corrections.  Exceeding your expectations is our only goal! Buying treatments in packages will provide better results and  better pricing. Each package is personalized and caters to your needs

This treatment is specially designed for those most affected by the aging process with flaccid skin, wrinkles, discolorations, age spots, skin affected by the sun or the environment and those and those 55 or over, including those affected by post-menopausal and hormonal skin who desire maximum facial rejuvenation.



12 sessions

This intensive treatment treats facial lines, flaccid skin, discolorations, sensitive and hormonal skin, rosacea or adult acne.



12 sessions

This prevention treatment is recommended to all clients interested in reprogramming the effects of skin aging, including those with sensitivities, rosacea, skin redness

Anti-Aging Reprogramming

6 sessions

This treatment is design to erase or minimize scars and discolorations left after acne breakouts. It includes a myriad of alternatives to achieve the look of smooth skin. Peels in different intensities, exfoliations, microdemabrasions acne prevention steps.

Acne Scars

7 sessions

This highly specialized treatment is design to treat active acne at any age and to minimize the potential of scarring after healing.

Acne Treatment

12 sessions

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