Blends a potent concentration of super-hydrating, thirst quenching Hyaluronic Acid with Copper and Zinc for the added benefits of improving elasticity, skin tone and healing


Magnifies the effect of other treatment products as its high concentration of hyaluronic acid preps the skin and makes it more receptive



All skin types
Skin with acne

Sensitive, rosacea or irritated skin

Skin that is dehydrated Dry, withered, or blotchy
Sagging skin

Thickened epidermis Skin with scarring or in need of repair

Hydra-Boost Serum

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  • Apply to cleansed and toned skin, before moisterizers.

    Apply 2-4 drops on fingers, spreading evenly. 

    Begin application on sensitive areas first, moving outwards.

    Allow to dry before apply moisturizers. 

    Do not pat or rub.