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Rosacea & Sensitive Skin

Skin redness, irritation, sensitivity and Talengestasis (Red veins) is a mayor problem for many women and men at different moments in their lives. Hormonal changes, faulty diet, allergies and weather can all affect our skin and create unwanted redness. At Irvine Esthetique we can support the healing process of the sensitive skin or rosacea, and we have been successfully doing so for many years. The products used at home and in the treatment cabine can work in unison to release the irritation and inflammation and assist in the skin's healing process.

Recommended treatments

 Antiage I for Sensitive Skin 

Includes a 4-step skin cleaning, DermaLight™ calming laser, lymphatic drainage, deep skin hydration, relaxing massage with personalized calming formulations, ultrasound, facial mask, compresses, and finishing products application.

 Antiage II for Sensitive Skin 

Includes all Antiage I steps with the addition of face-sculpting micro-spasms relaxation for skin firming, lifting and re-shaping, cellular re-energizing and deep lymphatic drainage to enhance the natural ability of the skin to self-repair.

Antiage I for Sensitive Skin

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