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Package includes a

Pore Radiance Treatment, a Cleanser, Toner and 

Cream (excludes Intense C)


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Package includes a

Luminous Hydration Treatment, a Cleanser, Toner and 

Cream (excludes Intense C)


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Package includes a

Glimmer & Glow Treatment, a Cleanser, Toner, Cream and 

CBD Oil.

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Pore Radiance

There is nothing like that amazing feeling of cool air on super clean skin. Achieve that sensation with this deep cleaning, pain free, treatment to clean pores of blackheads, oil accumulation and dead skin cells leaving your face refreshed. his process is fully personalized with the professional preparations to achieve your skin's optimal finish.




Luminous Hydration

This treatment will brighten your skin by gently dissolving dehydrated, dull and uneven tones with our exclusive personalized exfoliating system and quench thirsty skin with our super hydration boosting serums, calming and balancing cream formulas and nourishing it with vitamins, anti-aging peptides and firming botanicals. The process is completed with a customized facial masque and finishing creams to achieve that special luminous glow Irvine style.




Glimmer & Glow

This is truly a non-traditional, state of the art CBD infused, multi-faceted facial with deep-cleaning, anti-aging (muscle tone and spasm relaxation) , hydrating, calming, balancing lightening, brightening, firming and relaxing session, the perfect beautifying super treatment for any skin type. We will deep clean, optimize hydration and oil balance, detoxify and nourish your skin, eye and neck areas with personalized CBD dosages on every step. CBD is the most groundbreaking skin care ingredient in decades. Expect unparalleled results!


Perfect Glow Box


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Irvine Starter Box


Everything you need to get you started with your skin routine.

Pick from Anti-aging, sensitive skin or acne prone. 

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