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Facial Treatment
Deep Pore Cleansing

Multi-step treatment in which the skin is prepped for painless extractions eliminating blackheads and white heads, unclogging pores with our hygienic professional tool, then finishing with anti-breakout and hydrating serums, mask, and final creams.



Personalized Exfoliation treatment to eliminate top layer of dead skin cells with one of our specialty acid bends. Includes post-treatment skin balancing with mask, serums and final creams.



Microdermabrasion polishes the skin to deeply cleanse and help eliminate acne scars, enlarged pores and wrinkles. Our procedure includes a post procedure to make your skin glow.


Face Sculpting with Laser or Ultrasound

Anti-aging re-programming treatment to detox, rejuvenate, contour, firm and balance face and neck skin. Includes our relaxing spa skin preparation and massage, laser or ultrasound, precise lymphatic drainage and relaxation of repetitive motion muscle micro-spams to smooth lines and wrinkles.


CBD Facial

Anti-aging treatment to cleanse and purify, nourish, strengthen and firm skin with our powerful CBD formulas. Includes spa skin preparation, deep cleaning, Dermalight ™ Cool Soft Laser, ultrasound, Face Sculpting, deep hydration and skin nourishing, special mask, serums and final creams.


Ileana Irvine Signature Facial

This luxurious facial was created by our founder Ileana Irvine integrating therapeutic and relaxation elements. Includes skin preparation, deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, Ileana Irvine & Shiatsu massages for face, neck and décolleté, mask, serums and final creams. Plus a relaxing hand treatment.



Special mild but effective layered peeling formulas are used to eliminate the keratinized top layer of the skin balancing skin tone, improving texture and acne blemishes, acne scars and also renewing  Hyper-pigmented, dry, wrinkled and aging skin


Microdermabrasion, Laser or Ultrasound & Face Sculpting

Advanced 3-phase de-aging treatment to improve texture, soften wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, tone and firm the face and neck. Includes skin preparation, microdermabrasion, Dermalight ™ laser or ultrasound, Face Sculpting therapy to super-hydrate and firm the skin, drain lymph and reduce  repetitive motion micro-spams. The treatment is completed with mask, serums and final creams.



Our Advanced Epidermal Growth Factors Technology serum is applied using "micro channeling" to optimize all skin functions; resulting in better texture, tonality, firmness, and overall skin appearance. The process includes customized preparation to ensure the penetration and absorption of our Cell + S serum.


Super Mega Hydrate Facial

Skin is exfoliated with the perfect acids blend or mild peels to receive maximum hydration benefits. Includes skin preparation, deep hydration with ultrasound, mask, serums and final creams.


Signature CBD Facial

Full Facial that integrates therapeutic and relaxation elements using our powerful CBD formulas in all processes. Includes skin preparation, deep cleansing, Ileana Irvine & Shiatsu massages for face, neck and décolleté, mask, serums and final creams.