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All Irvine personalized packages will reveal better looking skin for your skin type.



Our Youth Defense treatment program is designed for younger clients looking to arrest the visual signs of aging before its permanent evidence begins to appear. This treatment program can be successful with your own lifestyle and preferences, in conjunction with the proper at home care we can condition the skin and reverse visible damage.


Includes 4 treatments:



There are all kinds of sensitive skins! Some get redness, other rashes or burning sensations when using cosmetic products. Sensitive skin often presents the challenge of not responding positively to Anti-Age treatment however, the aging process is one of the main reasons for sensitive skin. If you want the result of a strong, non-reactive and rejuvenated skin, Anti-aging Sensitive Repair 4-step process program offers an alternative for great results.


Includes 4 treatments:



Pregnancy and nursing can bring some unique skin challenges with sensitivities, breakouts and pigmentation changes. Our Pregnancy Balance treatments help maintain and improve the appearance your skin during these times and have been designed to relax mom and keep baby healthy with the purest products and procedures you can trust. Each step of the treatment and products used have been examined carefully with up-to date information to meet our strict safety standards for the mother-to-be or the nursing mom. Both treatments are considered safe in all stages of pregnancy.


Includes 4 treatments:




Uneven tones? Let’s make evening skin by normalizing the skin’s metabolism and its pigmentation process safe and pleasurable. Skin discoloration can be caused by various factors and are not limited by age. We've been treating pigment challenges for over 50 years! With our unparalleled experience we can achieve unparalleled results. We know how to balance the pigment and simultaneously rejuvenate the skin.


Includes 4 treatments:


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