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What can one do to achieve skin goals?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Sometimes one feels as though achieving skin goals; whether it be closing your pores, or eliminating redness, improving the appearance of wrinkles and flaccid skin to evening out skin tones and eliminating acne breakouts or marks are expensive or unattainable. We’re here to tell you that’s just not true!

What can one do to achieve skin goals?

The first thing is: you must be realistic and honest with yourself. Don’t buy a five-step system if you’re not ready and will only REALLY use three. This will only lead to disappointment and money down the drain. Share information about what you’re likely to do and what you’re likely not to do with your skin care provider. Here at Irvine Esthetique we work with our client’s lifestyle and personality to ensure that the regimen we create for our clients will meet their needs while assuring it’s something they really can accomplish.

Secondly, try to be consistent. Using your products regularly as instructed by your skin care provider is key to achieving your goals. Yet also, take it one day at a time. Life happens and somedays we might not get to complete our regimen as we’d like; don’t be discouraged start right back up again tomorrow.

Thirdly, you’ll need the right cleanser! People often look over this step or underestimate the importance of the right cleanser. This step can really make or break your skin care routine. If one does not properly cleanse the skin none of the following products will have the desired effect! At Irvine Esthetique we have dozens of different possibilities for personalizing cleansers ensuring fresh clean skin ready to really start your skin care journey.

The expert estheticians and Certified Product Consultants at Irvine Esthetique will design a science-based, personalized cosmeceutical product and treatment program that will not only help you in achieving your goals but also optimize your skin’s potential. We take into consideration your lifestyle, budget and individual skin goals and take you by the hand so you can understand each and every aspect of your individualized protocol. The treatments are relaxing, spa-like with great massages, aromatherapy and lots of pampering, but with our technology we can produce amazing results with relaxation and the feel of luxury. We do it without invasive procedures, surgery or down time.

Our stuff really works.

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1 Comment

Muy instructivo.

Yo uso sus productos y estoy satisfecha con los resultados

Una recomendación.

Creo sería útil la información en españo también para que así se beneficien aquellos@s que no dominen el inglés.

Gracias y adelante con esta iniciativa

Podría poner video de cómo administar los productos básicos(limpieza, vitamina K, Intense C Cream, hydra boost crema de ojos)

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