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What is Ozempic Face? Keep your glow while shedding the pounds!

Ozempic and similar medications have emerged as a valuable treatment option for individuals with type 2 diabetes, offering effective blood sugar control and potential weight loss benefits. Due to this almost miraculous weight loss, seems like everyone and their mother has begun to use it. So much so, that there have even been shortage reports from manufacturers! People love a quick fix and getting results the “easy way” but sometimes a short cut can come at a price. For some people that price is a side effect, known colloquially as "Ozempic Face," and the term has garnered attention among patients and healthcare professionals alike.

The terms “Ozempic face” was coined by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank back in 2023 and it refers to the gaunt, hollow, or sagging appearance resulting from a reduction in facial fat. This phenomenon isn't exclusive to Ozempic; any substantial weight loss (whether from diet, exercise, surgery, or other medications) can lead to similar changes. However, due to the rapid nature of the weight loss it is usually more pronounced making the individual look older and more tired faster.

Facial fat isn’t really our enemy in youth defense; if anything it has the opposite effect making the face look more plump and wrinkles less noticeable. So, what should or can you do to help combat this side effect?

For those who are using Ozempic and similar medications as prescribed for their intended purpose of diabetes control, the facial side effects may be difficult to prevent but for those using it for weight loss you may want to (of course with your doctors approval):

·       Reduce the dosage

·       Change to a different medication

·       Drink 1–2 liters of water every day

·       Improve protein intake with a protein-rich diet

·       Implement lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy weight

Now, some may also recommend the use of facial fillers and while they may work in the short term, in previous blogs we’ve discussed some of the pit falls of fillers (check it out here: At Irvine we would recommend a targeted skin care treatment plan as well as specific products to meet the needs of the individual.

1-     Cell+ - Our unique protocols using the wildly effective ProCell technologies serums stimulates the body’s natural ability to generate new healthy skin. These serums contain growth factors derived from human bone marrow, which produce a potent, anti-inflammatory effect. These growth factos support cellular renewal and have strong regenerating properties to improve skin firmness, elasticity texture and tone. This can diminish the visible signs associated with Ozempic Face.

2-     Face Sculpting or “Cromo”: This treatment only available at Irvine and our signature treatment addresses various issues of Ozempic Face such as sagging, texture and coloring by relaxing muscles spasms and lifting the muscles to reveal a more youthful look.

So, if you’re looking to maintain your glow while reaping the benefits of Ozempic, come visit us at Irvine Skin Care. We’re here to help you look and feel your best, inside and out! Remember to keep in touch with your doctor and monitor your health!

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