Helps brighten and smooth the skin

Reduces acne scarring and enlarged pores

Protects with antioxidants.

Contains hero ingredients Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to create a full free-radicals barrier and repair environmental damage

The brightening ingredient blend of Azalaic, Phytic, Kojic, Ferrulic, Mandelic and Lactic Acids and Arbutin are each considered safe and suggested as a substitute for Hydroquinone in treating pigmentation

Brightens and firms skin.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Blemished skin

To brighten dull skin

To improve color, hyperpigmentation, melasma or chloasma (pregnancy mask) and photoaged aged skin

#7 Brightening Water Cream

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  • Apply to cleansed and toned skin, before moisturizers.

    Dispense 2-4 pumps and spread evenly over fingers

    Apply a very light coat forehead and sides of face finally the center.

    Do not pat or rub.