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Your own kind of beautiful

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Having beautiful, healthy looking, young and unblemished skin is a goal for many of us. We invest money and time on searching for the right treatments, products, and esthetician or doctor that can change our skin. We peel, we scrub, we wash, we massage … We try the latest formulas and follow the latest trends, yet our goal seems elusive. We try again and again; an exhausting never-ending cycle of lost time and money spent.

Here is a secret the ingredient for every skin type that no one really talks about: Love.

Treating your skin with love.

The skin is a “feeling” and “expressing” organ. For example, As children the loving touch of our mother would brings us comfort. Though the skin we can feel the passion and tenderness of our lover.

The idea of scrubbing, brushing the skin vigorously to achieve a deeper clean is a mistake for most skin types. These aggressive, almost violent movements on our skin will just exacerbate acne, sensitive skin and often results in red, blotchy or bumpy skin easily confused with allergies, rosacea and acne. Even dark skin spots may be aggravated by over-stimulation of the skin. Think about it, these gestures are the opposite of a loving caress; would you ever touch a loved one in that way? Odds are you would never treat someone like that. So why touch yourself in this way? Why punish your skin?

Take time each day for the “intention mindfulness” of the right skin care. Affirm that you are loved and are “your own kind of beautiful”. Loving yourself sends the right messages to your skin and that is the power ingredient that will never go out of style.

Loving your skin also means using the products that are right for you and not just some fad that a celebrity is peddling; like our hydrating and nourishing Hydraboost Serum, which helps repair and replenish most skin types; leaving you feeling fresh. Let us at Irvine Esthetique empower you to embrace your skin and help you discover the beauty within. Our specialized and highly trained estheticians, along with your input, will design the right plan for you. Contact us 7 days a week at (787)-775-3333.

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